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Our Rich Heritage:  The Inn at the Falls

The Victorian era property was built in the 1870s, which was originally Judge Mahaffy’s house. Judge Mahaffy was the first district judge for Muskoka.

Originally built as a private residence, the property changed hands several times before it was transformed into an inn during the 1920s. The Inn at the Falls has hosted many notable guests over the years, including celebrities, politicians, and prominent Canadian figures.

Today, the Inn at the Falls remains a popular destination for travelers looking for a peaceful retreat, offering a mix of Victorian charm and modern amenities. Guests can enjoy comfortable accommodations, fine dining, and beautiful gardens, all while soaking in the rich history of Bracebridge and the Muskoka region.

There are tales that people have seen Judge Mahaffy and his family member’s spirit. With the building with such rich history, it’s not surprising. You do not need to get alarmed, those spirits are fun, playful and not spooky at all. We have The Spirit Room (room 105) with activities of the spirits. We love to hear what our guests experienced in the Spirit Room, some do, some don’t.

Want to see the inn virtually from anywhere? Click here.


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