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Step Into the Past: AR History Tour at the Inn at the Falls

Launch in May 2023

The main building of Inn at the Falls is a 1870s Victorian estate, one of the first masonry buildings in Bracebridge. In 1877, William Mahaffy (a land surveyor turned lawyer, real estate developer, First District Judge) purchased it as his house in Muskoka, where he and his wife Sarah, raised their four children. This property has been a hub for economic development since. There are 3+ books written exclusively about this property, one of them published in wasn't 021 and written by Judge Mahaffy’s great grandson.


This property has rich characters and stories, run by generations of innkeepers since it was turned into an inn in 1947. We purchased the property in 2020, and kept in touch with the previous innkeepers, the Rickard’s, the Niven’s. Innkeepers are essential to the Muskoka tourism history, and it’s important that we share their stories.

This tour offer a one-of-the-kind tourism experience in Muskoka and Inn at the Falls, it uplifts historical and property tour experience through augmented reality, storytelling and geocaching, offers immersive history walks.

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