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Discover the Beaches of Bracebridge: Your Guide to Lakeside Bliss Near The Inn at the Falls

Embrace the lakeside beauty and tranquility of Muskoka through Bracebridge's array of picturesque beaches. Each beach offers unique charm, perfect for guests at The Inn at the Falls seeking delightful escapes.

Our next-door neighbor, Bracebridge Bay Park, is an idyllic treasure just steps away from our historic hotel. With its calming waters and sandy beach located on the banks of the Muskoka River, it's a perfect setting for picnics, sunbathing, and water activities.

Venture a short drive from Bracebridge to find Kirby's Beach. A best-kept secret, this haven offers clear, shallow waters and soft sand ideal for swimmers and sunbathers. The serene views of Lake Muskoka and picnic areas complete the picture of a perfect beach day.

One of the area's charming beaches, Muskoka Falls Beach is a hidden jewel offering a peaceful spot for visitors. Its beautiful shoreline on the Muskoka River is a fantastic place to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking views. Whether it’s to enjoy a refreshing dip in the water, picnic in the area, or simply marvel at the nearby falls, this beach offers a memorable experience.

Bowyer's Beach Park, on Lake Muskoka, is a crowd favorite. It offers stunning lake views, crystal-clear waters, and a sandy shoreline. Enjoy a refreshing dip followed by a picnic under the park's mature trees.

For a secluded beach experience, head to Baycliffe Park. This hidden gem on Lake Muskoka provides a quiet retreat for those seeking relaxation. With amenities like BBQ grills and picnic tables, you're in for a comfortable beach day.

A trip to nearby Gravenhurst leads to Gull Lake Park. With a wide sandy beach, playground, and designated swimming areas, it's an ideal location for a family day out. Complete your beach day with a game of beach volleyball or a picnic.

Lastly, Muskoka Beach Park offers tranquility on the shores of Lake Muskoka. With a sandy beach and lush surroundings, it's a spot made for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying serene views.

Whether you're a beach enthusiast or a family planning a fun-filled day, Bracebridge and surrounding areas offer a beach for every preference. So, pack your beach bag, step out from The Inn at the Falls, and uncover the lakeside bliss in Muskoka.

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