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Room 106

The John Beal Room

First Settler

John Beal came to the Bracebridge area in 1859 and is considered the first settler. He built a rudimentary log shanty in 1861 on the east side of Manitoba St.

Why he chose that site is unknown, but he must have canoed up the Muskoka River to the Falls and would need to climb several steep, wooded ravines to get there. He was followed shortly by others and the settlement of North Falls began.


Room 106 was believed to be part of the original master suite comprising room 105 and 106.


Experience the allure and enchantment of Room 106, a captivating accommodation that is steeped in history and radiates charm. This room is infused with character and personality, making it a standout choice for guests seeking a unique and memorable stay. The cozy queen-sized bed and convenient bath and shower add to the overall comfort and convenience of the room, ensuring a pleasant and restful stay. Whether you're visiting for business or leisure, Room 106 offers an exceptional blend of history and modern amenities to make your stay in Bracebridge, Ontario a truly unforgettable one.

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