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This is the perfect activity for the entire family. Or, if you are looking to wow your partner, a romantic sleigh ride through a winter wonderland fits the bill!

In the wintertime, Back of Beyond turns into a Winter Wonderland with magical sleigh rides through our private woodland trails. All sleigh rides are private for individual families. After your ride, warm your toes and roast marshmallows over a crackling campfire while sipping a mug of piping hot chocolate. Finish your visit with a tour of the farm to meet the 13 resident horses and ponies. Great for families!

Romantic Evening Sleigh Ride - Picture yourself and someone special tucked into a cozy red Dr. Zhivago sleigh, piled high with blankets behind a big black Percheron or a small cuddly Fjord. Glide through the woods on snow-covered trails lit with glowing lights and lanterns and sense how the forest has a special feeling at night; peaceful, mysterious and tranquil. End up at a crackling private campfire where a warm beverage awaits. Roast some marshmallows and warm your toes.


Twin Maples Farm in Severn Bridge offers horse-drawn wagon and carriage rides year round. Visit their farm for your wonderful horse-drawn experience, perfect for family outings or for date night! We also can bring our services to you, including rides through town, on existing trails and properties, and even for weddings.

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