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Welcome to our Muskoka Signature Experience collection, winter edition. Every year Muskoka turns into Ontario’s winter playground with tons of fun activities and tons of snow.

Tobogganing is the quintessential winter experience in Canada, a beloved family pastime for generations. Many of us look back fondly on childhood memories of sliding down a snowy slope on a beautiful winter’s day. You don’t have to trek out too far into cottage country to toboggan.  James W, Kerr Park in Bracebridge, is a great choice. The hills here aren’t as steep, so this park is good if you have little ones who need easier tobogganing.  The icing on the cake is always the quality family time warming up with a rich and creamy hot chocolate back in your cozy accommodations at Inn at the Falls.


Muskoka is renowned for its spectacular waterfalls carved into the granite rock of the Canadian Shield. We have accumulated info on 17 waterfalls in the region for you to seek out and enjoy. With hiking trails available at most locations to create access, ‘chasing waterfalls’ can be a great activity in the summer and fall. Bracebridge is at the heart of the waterfalls in Muskoka, boasting more than any other township, most notably High Falls, Wilson Falls, and Bracebridge Falls. One of the region’s most spectacular cascades is Ragged Falls, located east of Huntsville on Hwy 60, at Ragged Falls Provincial Park. This was voted one of the 10 best waterfalls in Ontario!

Although it is a fun way to spend an afternoon, getting great pictures and great recreation, it is important to note the danger that exists near waterfalls. Always be attentive and careful near waterfalls, as rocks can be slippery and a fall could be fatal.


Muskoka’s trail network covers some 4000 sq kms of rugged terrain. Vast forests of spruce, pine, poplar, tamarack, balsam and birch are easily accessible by some of Ontario’s best hiking trail systems. Many trails lead to panoramic lookout points where sightseers and photographers can enjoy stunning scenic vistas.

Muskoka is also a paradise for wildlife lovers. Birdwatchers are spoilt with some 250 species to search for, and more than 50 types of mammals and 25 species of amphibians call Muskoka home. Although there’s no guarantee you’ll see a moose or a bear, a hike through the woods will likely result in a glimpse of an otter or beaver, a woodpecker or a heron and perhaps even some deer.

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